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Inspiring Cuisine You’ll Love

Here at IrCon, great food is what we do. IrCon creates healthful, customized dining experiences that honor fresh and flavorful cuisine.

Homemade Hummus


Alan is an artist of food.  You can see the love he has for the culinary arts by his giving to others, this deep self expression you will find in the dishes he creates .Here in the kitchen he is at one with all this, the food, the spices, the flames and a feeling of music even when none plays.  His creative abilities shines through his performance in the kitchen.

Ivon has a passion for the culinary arts and a flair for technology. She has spent most of her career in the technology space but has come to desire more spice in her life hence her emergence in the culinary world. Joined with Alan in the kitchen we feed the soul, bring smiles and create happiness through food.

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